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Not Only Scalar Curvature

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December 13, 2023

Yuguang Shi: Some global effects of positive scalar curvature
(11:00 am NYC, 17:00 Paris)
This is a survey of some of my joint works with my students and postdocs on geometry of scalar curvature that have been done in recent years. In the first part of the talk, I will discuss Gromov’s fill-in problem, which has a deep connection with quasi-local masses in General Relativity. In the second part of the talk, I will discuss Llarull type theorems on complete manifolds with positive scalar curvature.

Sven Hirsch: Stability of Llarull's theorem in all dimensions.
(12:15 pm NYC, 18:15 Paris)
We prove stability of Llarull's theorem in all dimensions using spin geometry. Our results are stated in terms of both intrinsic flat convergence and $C^0$ convergence outside a small set. This is joint work with Yiyue Zhang from UCI.

January 24, 2024

Alessio Figalli: Generic regularity in obstacle problems
(11:00 am NYC, 17:00 Paris)
The classical obstacle problem involves determining the equilibrium state of an elastic membrane that is restricted to remain above a predetermined obstacle. By classical results of Caffarelli, the 'free boundary'—the demarcation line where the obstacle and membrane meet— is smooth outside a set of singular
points. Also, explicit examples show that the singular set could be, in general, as large as the regular set. This talk aims to introduce this beautiful problem and describe some classical and recent results on the regularity of the free boundary.

Otis Chodosh: Generic regularity for minimizing hypersurfaces in 9 and 10 dimensions
(12:15 pm NYC, 18:15 Paris)

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Each session will consist of two lectures: an introductory colloquium and a related seminar on a recent advance in geometry. Not all the talks will concern scalar curvature but perhaps many will. The pair of talks will be followed by a discussion both in person and online. Everyone is welcome to join the session live (zoom) or watch the recorded videos of the talks later (IHES channel).

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Misha Gromov, IHES

Bernhard Hanke, University of Augsburg

Christina Sormani, CUNY Graduate Center and Lehman College

Gouliang Yu, Texas A&M University